I54STwitter is buzzing with tweet traffic over an important clue that somehow got missed by highly trained investigators in the Big Red Rape case. Over the past few months, it had been reported and statements made that the cellphones of some of those involved was the feature packed I phone 5s.

This fact is important because if they all had iphone 5’s, any data on them that was deleted cannot be retrieved, even with the sophisticated tools in the hands of State and federal investigators.

It seems, however, that unless someone got into a time machine and went into the future to get one, that nobody had the i5 since it was not even introduced until early September and actually did not hit the ATT shelves until around the 21st. In some cases it was even later since Apple had a back log of these phones that held up deliveries until mid October.

The evidence that is alleged to be missing was created during the summer and well before the i5 was even available.

So, what is the difference what kind of Apple phone it was? you might ask. The difference is that if those involved had even the best Apple of that time which  was the 4s, the data deleted WOULD HAVE BEEN RETRIEVABLE. The software is quite different according to those experts who know these phones.

The question has to be is how could such highly trained investigators make such a simple mistake as this and why?

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