ls1There was a twitter exchange a short while ago regarding  Lee Stranahan, a conservative journalist covering the Big Red Rape trial taking place in Steubenville, Ohio.

In the conversation, the twitter account holders accused Mr Stranahan of texting from inside the courthouse which is a direct violation of the rules of the court. There is also the accusation that he also Posted the real name of Jane doe


I have not found any evidence of these accusations other than, perhaps a mention of a first name that MIGHT have been that of Jane Done. What I did notice is that there was a break between when he first went into the courtroom and when his next string of twitter posts started up where he did a blow by blow account of how the trial went.

At this point, I cannot verify either the accusations above or any response by Mr Stranahan regarding these accusations.

It is easy to make accusations but it is not so easy to retract the accusations if they turn out to be false.

Stay tuned