M22M21fldmvShiloh is still hiding from the truth that it broke the law. If Shiloh had been able to get the info posted on Radionewz.net LEGALLY, it would have posted that by now. The vehicles posted on the article has NEVER been mentioned ANYWHERE on the internet. I did not feel it was necessary to inventory what little I did have.

It is important for people to understand that the information that Shiloh obtained could have only been done by BREAKING THE LAW. Shiloh knows this and is hiding behind the comments made on the blog. Those gullible followers do not understand that but the outsiders do and most importantly the State of Florida does. The official I spoke to today would certainly like to know how Shiloh found that information. The state employee who gave out that information may be out of a job and that would be the least of their worries.

DJ could easily find out if ANYONE did a registration search. The State of Ohio has the same system in place since it is required by federal law. Any state employee who gives out registration information must log who asked for it and what information was given out. It would take only a minute for her lawyer to find that out.

What IS legal is for ANYONE to go to the state website and see if the letter combination M2KFLA is available or not. If necessary, I will provide this proof in any lawsuit against me.

Stay tuned