bigredThe two primary groups at play in this case are not those who support the athletes and those who support Jane Doe but those who are involved in athletics and those who are not. Not everyone is enamored with athletes or sports. Not all are sports fans.

The net result is those who are not interested or obsessed in sports cannot understand how there could be a culture that would try to cover up a rape or support those who are charged with such a heinous crime.

The answer, of course, is that this problem is not confined to the sports community. It is just the more public and pronounced example of this problematic attitude.

tailhook1There was the Tailhook scandal which demonstrated that there were certain problems within the military along these lines and the various scandals that have taken place in the political, corporate and entertainment communities.

The difference in the Big Red incident is that there has been a galvanization of the various groups into a single debate about a serious problem in society. Unless there is a dismissal, The trial of the year for Steubenville will start around this same time tomorrow. No matter what the outcome of that trial will be, there will be a profound change in the lives of many that will be clear by this time next week.

ohiobuildingThe trial is not the end of the story. It is certain that more criminal charges will be in the cards as the ongoing investigation into matters related to this matter is complete and public attention is drawn toward these matters. The pressure for those who created the conditions that led to the rape to be made to be accountable for their actions will only increase.

There is also the question of civil lawsuits. At some point someone is going to get sued. Early indications are that the owners of the homes where the various events occurred will be the first to be compelled to answer for their part in all of this.

The other targets will be the parents or guardians of those who were involved in the rape in one way or another.

There are rumors of social media sites being targeted in the lawsuits due to the fact that the rape survivors civil rights were violated by these services who allowed the content to be posted and did nothing to notify law enforcement of the materials existence.

One positive aspect of this case is that now this issue is being discussed and there is certain to be solutions offered and put into place to mitigate this problem. Some solutions have to do with awareness projects. Other solutions have to do with changing what is tolerated and not tolerated among teenagers both within and without the athletic community.

Other solutions will be through legislation and the enforcement of current laws.

The countdown for these changes has already begun.

Stay Tuned