The almighty Shiloh seems to have gone into silence regarding how IT managed to find out about a couple of older vehicles I had registered through The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The problem for Shiloh is that NOBODY is allowed to either have that information or post that information in the public venue. This was pointed out to me by a senior representative of the DMV in Tallahassee when I called them to find out how the hell a list of my registered vehicles would up on the internet.

The representative said that information SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN OBTAINABLE and is now in the process of investigating to see if someone used false identification or other unlawful means to obtain that information. Shiloh seems to realize the error in judgement since this person is unwilling to provide how the information was obtained.

If the information was obtained in a LEGAL manner, then Shiloh should have no problem providing proof that the information was properly obtained. Do remember that there is a resident of Ohio that is accusing me of the same thing. She has made it clear that nobody should be able to check vehicle registrations and on that I agree. I USED to be a car dealer and I know how the law works. This kind of information is NOT available to the general public and if obtained by someone with the proper credentials to do so, it is still against the law to PUBLISH this information on a public venue. There are both federal and state statutes to govern how this information can or cannot be used.

Since Shiloh is a author on, that person is an agent for the blog and thus the blog is liable for any laws broken by that person or any other person who does any actions under the authority of that blog and it’s owner’s.

Stay Tuned