One thing that offends me the most is the claim I was out for fame and fortune  when I was operating my chat and webcasts while following the search  for Caylee. That is, perhaps the worst Lie DJ could be telling about me. DJ5

I have outlived my only child. I know the empty feeling and I know the hurt. To some degree I know what the parents of a lost child go through wondering where their child is and if that child is alive or dead. I know the pain of the loss when that parent or loved one finds out that their child or grandchild is deceased and will never be a part of their lives again.

Whatever mistakes I have made since I got involved in missing children cases since 2006 my sole intent was to see if the lost children could be reunited with their loved one. It has been my only goal in all of this.

If I knew then, what the price I would pay for getting involved in these cases, would I still get involved in these cases?

Yes I would. If I care about one thing in my life it is the fate of the lost children and the safety and welfare of any child in an abused situation.

It hurts me deeply that people think otherwise.

As for Alexandra Goddard. She has taken up an important cause, the rape and abuse of women. I certainly hope that she does right by this issue and succeeds in spreading the message. I would hope that the book she may write someday focuses on the facts of the case and what can be done to prevent a repeat of such a horrendous crime against someone so young just getting started with her life.

goddardoneAlexandra Goddard is at important point in her speaking out about the issue of gang rape and the abuses teenaged women face with high school and college athletes. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and Goddard is in an excellent position to do just that.

I know what it is like to be devoted to a cause that one firmly believes in. In spite of our vast differences, I can only wish Alexandra Goddard good luck and much success in fighting for her cause.

There are times when those of us on the internet who operate blogs, chats, and forums must set aside our personal differences for something is much more important and transcends any petty differences we have with each other.

All of us should, at least, agree on that.

Stay Tuned