tfhThe tin hat conspiracy theorist, Shiloh is avoiding explaining how it is getting information that is obviously obtained illegally. Why is that? I wonder. Shiloh is also showing that is NOT a safe place to visit as it is publishing ip addresses, not only of government agencies but of those who have logged onto or otherwise read the blog.

The wanton publishing of IP addresses of those visiting a blog is a huge breech of ethics., who sponsors this blog expressly prohibits the practice.

The complete disregard for internet ethics is one of the main reasons that has it’s own domain and host. The blog owners do not have to follow the rules that a majority of bloggers have to abide by.

Shiloh adds to this rule breaking by posting information that it is not entitled to have. Somehow, this person managed to obtain vehicle registration information that it is not supposed to be able to get.

The pity party Ohio resident made the fact that obtaining and publishing information of this nature is illegal quite clear with her false claim that I somehow got registration information from the Ohio DMV and passed this information on.

This was a rather odd claim, by the way, since the subject gave me her personal information when she sent me a copy of a cease and desist order that Alexandra H Goddard sent to her.

When I asked for Shiloh to produce how it could have legally obtain the information about me, it turned tail and ran. Instead Shiloh expanded it’s theories by publishing the ip address and personal information on someone else.

This should serve as fair warning that you are risking having your personal information plastered all over the internet if you should choose to read at

Do so at your peril.

Stay tuned