stereotypesA long time friend of mine who went by the name of NON made an interesting remark once in a conversation. It had to do with some things that were going on in the fall of 2007. Non is  a very perceptive young lady. She saw something others did not.

Non is the exception to the rule. People have a habit of stereotyping individuals for one reason or another. People wind up being compartmentalized and defined by their race, economic background, occupation or perceived occupation or other factors that people alone use to consider just who a certain individual is.

The problem with stereotyping is that  it is almost always wrong. Stereotyping, however, is the ultimate disguise. All one has to do is use the habit of stereotyping to their advantage to steer people in the direction they want to be led.

I have been streotyped by a rather interesting group of people. These people want to believe that certain things about me are true and that certain things about me are NOT true.

Things are not always what they appear to be, however and this is my strength and their weakness.

If certain people were to cast off the stereotype that has been created, they would discover a truth that they seek. It might not be the truth they want to believe but it would be the truth. That is why, perhaps, why they not pursue the truth. They fear the truth because they fear being wrong.  The truth is out there, one has only to know where to look.

The person who understands the dynamics of stereotyping can use this to their advantage if they are the ones who are being defined a certain way. They can be the puppet master, they can be the one in control. It is they that can control the shots.

Stay Tuned