news9fbiSince has a known affiliation with members of Anonymous and in turn those within Anonymous who were making D0x attacks on the fine citizens of Steubenville as well as me. Some of you might remember that I had been called by my bank because someone was trying to access my checking account where my social security funds are deposited.


Of course the above account is not MINE but the date cited in the article is interesting. This was in the month of December. Throughout that month as well as far back as late November, hackers were using information gathered through doxing to to gain unauthorized access to bank accounts.

Since some of the members of anonymous that were mentioned on or affiliated with and their members, The Brileys and Michelle L McKee being among them, were part of the dox attacks against Steubenville citizens and me, it would make sense that the Feds would be interested in what was on the  blog regarding Anonymous.

The FBI office that has the IP address featured on the article handles cases in West Virginia and the Great State of Ohio.

Guess who else handles cases of Anonymous members that go around using Dox information to access bank accounts through information they gather?


Ok, Shiloh, care to inform us, including the feds how you got that information about me? Or do you have Radio’s lawyer on speed dial?

Stay tuned