In a lame attempt to wiggle out of being caught commiting FRAUD on Facebook, Michelle Lynn McKee posted two screen shots of some of the content she placed there, demonstrating what I had written about earlier was, in fact, true.

Michelle McKee even used my own image from my Facebook site to further perpetuate her fraud.


The point I had made was that Michelle L McKee had engaged in the same kind of fraud scammers use. The term is Website Hijacking.

Anyone who went to my wall on Facebook would not see MY content but rather would see content from the site that MICHELLE L MCKEE created. This is FRAUD and is a violation of Facebook rules. 


The point can be proven quite simply. Here is the original text that was put up by Alexandra Goddard in 2010 that was supposed go to directly to the so called expose’ site:


Prinnie says:

Here is a link to the fan page set up at Facebook to document his harassment!/pages/Murt-and-Murtwitnessone-and-MurtwitnessoneLive-and-Murthavenflorida/118819478157047?v=wall. I am VERY interested in learning more about your action,

In 2910 that link was meant to take you to that expose’ page. Instead, that link takes you to MY Facebook account. SO what happened to the expose’ page Michelle L McKee? The answer is quite simple, FACEBOOK REMOVED IT BECAUSE IT WAS A FRAUDULENT SITE!

Notice something else as well. Alexandra H Goddard also acknowledges that the Murthavenflorida username is mine and thus proves that the blogspot blog that is set up to attack me is a FRAUD as well.

Rather than argue their points on merit, using legitimate titles for their blogs and facebook accounts, Michelle and others within her group use fraud and trickery to draw visitors to their various accounts.

nicbmThis is a form of identity theft. Michelle L McKee claims to have been a former fraud investigator at The NICB.

She probably should have investigated herself.

Stay tuned