After all of these years, Michelle L McKee has finally admitted to tampering with my Facebook account although she lied a bit. Sometime around July of 2010, I started getting a massive amount of e mails from my friends on Facebook that they were not able to access my account but were, instead, getting diverted into an attack site set up to smear me.



I found this rather strange because I was able to access my account with no problem. It was not until I was sent screenshots and links that the problem came clear and I approached Facebook security about the problem. Somehow Michelle L McKee and Alexandra H Goddard were able to do something to Facebook that sent everyone to an account THEY created rather than to mine.

Prinnie says:

Here is a link to the fan page set up at Facebook to document his harassment!/pages/Murt-and-Murtwitnessone-and-MurtwitnessoneLive-and-Murthavenflorida/118819478157047?v=wall. I am VERY interested in learning more about your action, and participating on behalf of myself and many others that have been stalked and harassed online due to our opinions.

Ok, reader, now go ahead and click on the link that is supposed to be a page dedicated to my “stalking” and contains a RSS feed from this blog? What, dear reader, do you see there?

Feel free to send me friend requests. I could use neighbors on my Facebook games.

The blog, by the way, where Alexandra Goddard posted this link at, has been inactive since shortly after that link was put up.

Once Facebook found out what had been done, the account was immediately shut down. I was able to regain the normal function of my Facebook accounts. This is how McKee worked and continues to work. She will hack into your accounts, if necessary, to get her own way. Goddard is no better,

What I was able to do is take samples of these Facebook accounts to the law enforcement agencies that had the PM’s on file and showed them how easily this content was faked. The detectives were amazed at how easily Facebook could be tampered with and People’s websites stolen in the manner that McKee demonstrated.

Another interesting thing to note is that there is ANOTHER blog that has done the exact same thing. The website url of one of my social media sites was again hijacked for the purposes of diverting readers to THAT blog. That is the only way they can draw readers to their propaganda.


Those of you in Steubenville who have experienced some strange things going on with your social media sites might well want to put Michelle L McKee and Alexandra H Goddard on your lists of persons of interest.

Stay tuned