ontheairA sock puppet by the name of Shiloh has taken over for the elusive Radio who has gone off to whatever “adventure” she has created for herself. If she even exists, that is. The more likely scenario is that she is in rehab yet again for abusing whatever drugs she must be on since she is in a reality that does not exist. The latest sock puppet is in the same mold.

The sock puppet points out that several people have benefited from increased readership from Radionewz.net writing lies about all of us and putting up degrading content. Well, we would much prefer if Radio and her gang of thugs would write about someone else and ignore the rest of us. This is something that is impossible for Radio to do because she needs the attention.

That is why Radio changed her blog format. She did not want to contribute anything to the blogger community of any  use. She only wanted to create hate.

Radionewz.net is a blog we could well do without.

Stay tuned