Radio seems to be making a big issue of Homeland security visiting my blog. Or did they? Radio may have played a bit of slight of hand with it’s so called IP log. What Radio FAILED to note was the DATE of the so called visit. December. 11, 2012.

Now what was happening around this date?

Considering the lag time of government intervention one must go back a few days.














OOPS, this might be a clue. As some of you might remember, the US government does not think much of Anonymous and also has them listed as a terrorist organization.

Now, for some mysterious reason, ALL of the twitter posts by RNB prior to Dec, 7th 2012 has vanished. Now what is behind that one?

Anonymous has been on the radar by The Department of Homeland Security for quite a long time:

Now who would The Department of Homeland security be interested in?

A RETIRED 62 year old widowed truck driver who keeps EVERYTHING about himself out in the OPEN or:

A blogger with a CLOSE affiliation with Anonymous and, through it’s blog, seems to support Anonymous actions regarding the Big Red Rape case. A blogger that NOBODY knows ANYTHING about. Unknown Gender, UNKNOWN criminal record. Nothing known and NO history.

So a KNOWN US citizen with an OPEN history versus an ANONYMOUS blogger with FOREIGN web presences and who supports ANONYMOUS?

Time will tell

Stay tuned