dhsdrone3There seems to be a mentality within the US government that everyone in this country is a terrorist that needs to be watched. As indicated by a true crime blog, several blogs and chat sites involved with the Steubenville Ohio Rape case are getting “visited” by The Department of Homeland Security, mainly because these blogs have an affiliation with Anonymous which has been under observation by many a law enforcement agency for years.

In addition to the spying of Blogs and chat rooms, US intelligence agencies as well as various law enforcement agencies have greatly increased their use of remote controlled drones. Helicopters have patrolled the skies of the US for decades, however, the drones have far better visual AND audio sensitivity and also fly closer to the subjects being observed.

drone1Along with the drones, the government and law enforcement that have tools to observe and identify anyone in this country. A person can be tracked by the computers they use, their smartphones, tablets and even software contained in an increasing number of automobiles. All of this being done WITHOUT search warrants.

While most of the public remains apathetic to this trend toward BIG BROTHER, there is an increasing number people that are resisting the governments intrusion into their lives. Anonymous has joined in the fight, in some cases, attacking the drones through hacking.

The Department of Homeland Security, through various spokespersons has stated that the latest claim by certain bloggers that they are spying on bloggers is not true and that they will “deal with” any such false claims that they deem warranted.

As for the public relations side of the issue toward the general public, The Department of Homeland Security is planning on answering the various concerns we have through their media relations departments.

Stay Tuned