When the smear blog against me was created, they used an established name I had be using for a Paltalk room I had intended to set up. Murthavenflorida.com. The Murthaven name is one that I have commented on before. Right after the formation of that blog, there was a debate about the use of the TM. One rather odd Ohio woman who has a phobia about having her name mentioned on the internet regarding some of her questionable actions made a big deal about the Trademark issue and the proper and IMPROPER use of this symbol.

SHE went into a long diatribe and even made a video about our little debate that is over on Youtube.com. She even went to the website where Trademarks are registered and pulled up all sorts of information on it and demonstrated how MY trademark is not valid.

So, where is this little unnamed oddball when it comes to this slander site about me? Not to be found anywhere. Now what is good for me should be for this blog as well. According to the Ohio, it is against the law to use the Trademark symbol if it has not been register. So, if this is what the people are running that blog is doing by displaying the TM symbol, they are lawbreakers themselves.

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What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination thereof, which identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one company or party from those of another. Famous examples of trademarks include the word “Nike,” the phrase “Just do it,” and the “Swoosh” logo, which are all trademarks of Nike Corporation.

mhftA service mark is the same as a trademark, except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of the service rather than the product. The terms “mark” and “trademark” refer to both trademarks and service marks.


The Ohio resident went on to state that a Trademark has to do with selling a product or service. Does that mean that the owners of that blog are making money off smearing me and my reputation. It does seem to be that way.  One of my attackers from Ohio is Using a Rape Case to promote her on line business. Another attacker of mine is using her twitter account to advertize her forthcoming true crime book. Yet another has been accused of making THOUSANDS off of a video belonging to Casey Anthony. Still another attacker is said to be making a fortune by capturing the ip’s of visitors to her website and selling them to spammers that will, in turn, flood the e-mails of that blogs visitors with mountains of spam.

Therefore one has to consider two things. The Blog is a fraud because it is using the TM symbol improperly to misrepresent their right to the Murthaven name or, it is a FRAUD because they are misrepresenting who they are. Perhaps some complaints to the appropriate authorities.

Stay tuned