media unitPerhaps the biggest series of lies brought forth by my attackers concern a couple of incidents. The first incident was the tire problem I had during the coverage of the Texas Equuesearch efforts in the fall of 2008. While going on a wild goose chase sparked by some clown saying I was wanted down at a KOA camp site, I noticed a vibration in the back of the live truck. When I investigated the problem, it turned out that there were cracks in the sidewalls of one of the rear tires which indicated I would have a blow out at any time. I slowly returned to the media site at the search center.

The way I covered the search for Caylee was similar to the way the reality shows on the History channel are now done. I would stream in real time everything that was going on. This included the problem with the flat tire. This incident happened late on a Sunday. The problem that arose with the tire is not paying for it, I had plenty of money to do that but getting the thing fixed. The search site is located near The Orlando International Airport in a field surrounded by hotels. There were no tire service centers anywhere near the site that could repair the tire. Some people on the webcast were kind enough to check around to see if anyone was open who could repair it. There was nobody open. In the end, I decided to take the risk and drive the van the 30 plus miles to my house in Sorrento. I barely made it. The tire failed just before I got to the house and wound up being a shredded mess by the time I limped the van into the front yard.

The owl vs the window is probably one of the most overblown complaints of my attackers and a clear example of the extent they will go to lie about anything that happened. At the time of this incident I had three tractor trailers that I used to transport cars to various points in the central florida area. Because the truck I usually drove had broken down earlier in the week, I decided to team up with my other driver and help him load and unload cars as well as take turns driving the truck.

Late one night, we were going to a sale site on I-75 when there was a loud bang that indicated that something had hit the truck square in the middle of the driver’s side windshield. It turned out that an Owl had struck the windshield hard enough to break it.

In my stream I told of the incident. At no time did I ask for a penny from anyone. I did not need to. The truck was insured. Under Florida law, insurance companies are required to provide comprehensive insurance that covers broken windshields. They are also not allowed to raise their premiums if a claim is made.

Two days later, the windshield was replaced and the truck was put back into operation. Imagine my surprise when these two incidents showed up on a blog with the claim that I was trying to seek donations to cover the costs of repairs. It simply did not happen. It did not cost me a dime to make either repair. I put a spare tire on the van and my insurance covered the cost of the windshield.

Unfortunately, nobody could repair the Owl.

Stay Tuned