Michelle L Mckee, one of my more active stalkers recently stated that people who talk about other people in protected accounts are cowards. The person who recently came forward and attacked me under the name illustrated in twitter has proven himself to be a coward.


Michelle L McKee has confirmed what I have been saying since 2006. I am being attacked by faceless cowards. I am at a distinct disadvantage in this situation. I refuse to hide. I do not hide behind usernames where people do not know who I am. I do not hide anything in my background. Everything about me is out in the open. This includes the bad as well as the good.mlm7

Have I made mistakes? Yes I have. Have I said or done things in the past that I wish I had not said or not done? Yes I have. But who among you out there have not? Be honest. At some point, every single person on this planet has said and done things that they have should not have.

Every single solitary one of us is human. We make mistakes. Some  mistakes we admit to  and some we do not. That is the way things are, right or wrong.

The people who attack me day in and day out are exactly the same as me. They have said things they should not have. They have done things they should not have done. Do they admit the wrongs they have said or have done? No they do not.

They hide their own guilt by finding guilt in others.

Radionewz.net is a prime example. For years the person or persons who operate that blog have gone on a mission to find the guilt of others, to find the fault of others. At the same time those who operate Radionewz.net hide the guilt of what they have said or done. The accusers refused to be accused. Those who write the blog posts or comment do so and withhold who they are.

These people remain hidden from the truth about themselves. They have the privilege of not having others know of their faults and their sins. These hidden attackers will search and prod for every mistake they can find about their perceived enemy. If necessary, these hidden attackers will go after the wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons or daughters, whoever they feel they have to in order to accomplish their mission. And what is that mission?

That mission is, right or wrong, to pressure their targets to bend to their will. The attackers force their targets to yield to what they believe, what they say, and what they do. The attackers want only their way. Nobody else is allowed to have their own opinion. Nobody else is allowed to do what THEY want to do. Nobody else is allowed to BE what they want to be.

The attackers have appointed themselves the gods over those whom they attack. They enforce their laws, their rules, through intimidation. The attackers create blogs where they go forward with their mission. They keep who they are secret. They remain Anonymous. They have no accountability. Nobody can say “look what you have said, look at what you have done.” They do not have to account for their actions. They, however, require others to account for THEIR actions.

Years ago, I could have easily faded away and become Anonymous. I could have started a blog similar to Radionewz.net. I could have attacked others for what they said, what they did and for what they believe. I could have made the images, the videos. I could have made the on line files. I could have done all the things the attackers have done and continue to do to me. I choose not to. I choose to confront the attackers. To defend my right to do what I do, say what I say and believe in what I believe. That is supposed to be the principle this country is founded upon.

We have the first amendment. The right of free speech. In The Bill of Rights we have the right “to life, liberty and the pursuit of  of happiness.”

Somewhere along the line, Radionewz.net and the attackers have forgotten the meaning of these words.

It is one thing to have an OPINION about what someone is saying or doing or in what they believe, it is quite another to attack them for it. The attackers lie, the attackers threaten and the attackers intimidate.

All I have done for all of these years is to defend myself against what the attackers have said about me. I have limited what I say and do to protect my reputation to this blog and my twitter account. I have not gone out and made numerous blogs targeting a single individual or any of those who support those who disagree with what I say, or do or believe.

I have simply countered their actions with my defense of myself and those who support me.

It is up to each and every person to judge what is being said, what is being done and what is being believed. What each and every person should do is to fight for the right of everyone to say, do and believe what they want without fear of attack, intimidation or threats.

Everyone should be allowed the God given rights we have in this country and anywhere else that support these same principals.

Stay Tuned