The Mayor is lying about me yet again. He cites a post I made on a page for the homeless:

Now how am I scamming the homeless or attempting to do so? AM I accepting donations? If so, where? What was said in the post turned out to be a prediction of the truth. I lost my house. I am on social security. Thanks to blogs like the one The Mayor created, I cannot get a job. Prospective employers check the internet now days. The constant posting of the counterfeit PM’s have made me unemployable. The constant accusations made about me make me unemployable.  Thanks to something Michelle McKee said allowed me to get a modest income from Social Security. It  is not near enough to survive comfortably. Not that anyone cares.

I have gone from a substantial income that I was making  in 2008 to making less in a year than I paid in income taxes quarterly in that same year..

Stay tuned