One of the things my attacker uses against me is an effort that was done through a forum called “The Friends of Trenton.” This was an effort to create a banner regarding the case of Trenton Duckett early in the debates on the forums about it. People were trying to find ways to create banners, posters and yes, billboards.

At no time was I trying to make money for myself off anything in the case despite what the blog attacking me says. The primary purpose of the forum was to create ways of getting the word out to the public through the usual means that people use to do so in such cases.

At the time this forum was created, I have a small car lot just north of Ocala. On the property was an unused billboard. I had suggested using this billboard to put something up to gain the attention of motorists on the busy highway 301. I contacted a printer in Leesburg, Florida to determine the most  cost effective way to put up something on the billboard space. The printer suggested using a large banner. Even then, the costs for doing so would be at least $1000.00 for each side.

One thing to note is that billboard companies charge a rent fee that goes from a minimum of $500.00 per month to up in the thousands per month depending on traffic density. Since my billboard was part of the lot property, that expense would not be there.

Around the time of the banner effort, a neighboring business kept approaching me wanting to rent the billboard space to put an ad for his company. This would have brought me an additional #500.00 per month. I declined telling the owner I had plans for the billboard already.

The next step in the banner effort was to figure out how to pay for it. I could have easily paid for it myself but the members of the group decided they wanted to participate. This was the same attitude that also took place in the memorial bench effort.

I took the step of contacting the printer and making arrangements for any donations for the billboard to be sent directly to the firm. I told the members of The Friends of Trenton how this was going to work.

Someone, who I did not know about at the time, deliberately sabotoged the entire project. The person called the printer and told them not to print the sign or have anything to do with it.

Not one single penney was ever raised for the banner/billboard. The vender who wanted to rent my billboard space found another one so I lost the revenue from that as well.

I eventually found out who the person was and why they did what they did. The answer was “anyone but Murt.” Someone’s vendetta meant more than helping to find a lost child. I found that astonishing. I was leaning toward paying all the costs myself when the Kidfinders org arrived in Leesburg with their portable billboard and made the banner project unnecessary.

The campaigns to ruin any kind of effort to help find missing children or memorialize deceased children would continue. It seems that grudges are more important than the missing or deceased child. I wonder how many children will go undiscovered or forgotten because of this attitude.

I can assure everyone that I will never try anything like these efforts again. It simply is not worth the personal costs I have had to endure for past efforts.

Stay Tuned