dhsIt is really getting desperate when a blog owner has to go to the lengths that Radionewz.net is going through to gain readers  as well as trick people by instilling fear in them not to visit this blog. According to it, DHLS is investigating this blog as well as my twitter account. They are doing so, apparently by going through her blog first. Oh really? First of all, if the Department of Homeland Security were doing an investigation they would not be doing so IN THE WIDE OPEN. This is The United States Government, folks, not some kid in the basement Anonymous hacker playing around with the blogs.

They have better toys then we do and they know how  to play with them.

DHLS can be anywhere they want at anytime and nobody would know they are there. They are not going to go around and leave a calling card. Another thing to consider. IF the DHLS is investigating me, Radio just blew their case by publicly exposing a major investigation by a branch of the federal government. That is called obstruction of justice. Smooth move Radio.

Now, yawn, Radio is going to have breaking news Monday about it’s latest effort to prevent people from reading and commenting on this blog and twitter. I would suggest that people do some research how ALL the investigative branches of the US Government works. Then perhaps some common sense would enter into the picture and you would realize that Radio thinks everyone out there are gullible fools.

Judge for yourselves, folks. IF DHLS shows up at my doorstep, the coffee and doughnuts will be waiting.

Stay tuned