dhsThe tin hats over at Radionewsnutz are in overdrive stating that I am under investigation by  The Department of Homeland Security. Well, ok, anyone from The Department of Homeland Security is more then welcome to come for a visit. I have a LOT to show them. The truth might beThat The Department of Homeland Security is  trying to find out what RNB is hiding and doing so using the same tactics that international terrrorists do. The government does not like it when people go through elaborate measures to hide their identity. Remember that is is post 911. One of the things the terrorists did was use anonymous websites to pass information between themselves. This is one reason The Department of Homeland Security has been pushing for a way to identify domain owners as well as even blog owners since 911. There will come a time when the anonymous blogger will be a thing of the past, at least in this country, It is just a matter of when.

Stay Tuned