One thing I have noticed about the hacker kids in the basement as I call them is that they hate being called that. It seems that one that I used to call that has resurfaced yet again. In this case it is UKMOD who I mentioned just the day before this blog. This little twerp is the one that SET UP the Paypal account in the first place. I had thought this now 21 year old half wit hacker had grown up and made something of himself. Apparently not.


The term ” a kid in the basement” is used by those in law enforcement to profile certain hackers and members of the Anonymous movement. At the time he came along Ukmod was a 16 year old overweight resident of the UK. He actually spent most of his day in the basement of the row house where he lived. He had two overbearing parents that would hound him day in and day out. His only refuge was to lock himself in his basement bedroom and spend hours on end surfing the internet. His act of rebellion was to visit various websites and wreak havoc with them. He got attached to Ustream and developed a relationship with several active people there. They were not broadcasters but a group of heathens who would go around and ruin the streaming experience of many who tired of the hassle and went on to other services. Ukmod seemed to restrict his actions to Ustream.

One trait of Ukmod is to seek the friendship of women. Women by the way, at least twice his age. Alexandra Goddard and his other “girlfriends” knew he was 16 at that time and took advantage of him. The women also took advantage of other “kids in the basement” including the oldest of the bunch MonoxideMMAC. Their attachment to Anonymous is an example of this trait since the vast majority of Anonymous members are under the age of 19.

This also means that Alexandra Goddard has been caught in a lie. She had claimed that the blog was run by “a victim” of mine. This seems not to be the case. I will be waiting to see what excuse “The Mayor” would decide to use. One thing I would like to know from this little twerp, is why the Murthaven Florida name? Is he lacking so much in mental capacity that he picked a name that he knew would hijack an intended website? This is an old amateur hacker trick. It is still used today. Explain that “Mayor” if you have the guts to do so. I doubt you do.

Stay tuned