tbThis is an interesting tale of how a Blogger reported one of the most important breaking news stories in the history of True Crime blogging only to see denial after denial of what was written in her article. What is more astonishing about the story that was reported but what happened in the aftermath and the lack of reaction by the blogger to a story that she broke.

Several years back, a prominent True crime blogger broke the story of  a deep dark secret being kept by one of the Moderators of Websleuths.com, which was and is the most respected true crime forum on the internet. That secret was that the Moderator was an UNREGISTERED PEDOPHILE. It seems that back before sex offenders were required to register under the national sex registery the woman plead GUILTY to FOUR COUNTS of lewd acts in the presence of CHILDREN, quite young children at that.

The blog created such an uproar that the owner of Websleuths, Trica Griffith, was forced to issue a statement in regards to the incident.

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Important Information Concerning Windchime
Dear Websleuths Members,

It was with great shock and dismay that we learned today that our Moderator Windchime was convicted of child sexual abuse in 1992.

I want to assure you that no one on our staff knew about this until today.

Windchime has been removed from Websleuths.

Please understand we work strictly on a volunteer basis. We choose our moderators and administrators based on their performance on Websleuths.

I will be talking with our lawyers to see about the legal aspect of requiring all Websleuths volunteers to submit to a full criminal background check to make sure this does not happen again.

We do our best at Websleuths to offer you a comfortable place to post and to become involved all free of charge. We are not perfect however but we will continue to do our best.

Thank you for your time.

Tricia Griffith

Then something curious happened. The SISTER of the exposed pedophile went on my stream/chat site, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE AND PERMISSION and proceeded to defend her sister and go after Alexandra Goddard, the author of the above article. There was a bit of a cat fight between the two of them. Now I did notify the moderator of my room that I did not appreciate her defending a convicted pedophile in my room, that she was free to defend her off my chat.  This created problems for me that continue to this day.

Shortly after this incident, my Administrator quit citing differences in policy between her and me. I had no idea of the true motive for her doing so. Part of her decision had to do with the fact that I would not allow her bff and moderator of my chat to defend a convicted pedophile. They both soon left my chatroom altogether and started their own chat room. I thought that was the end of the situation. I was wrong. It was only the beginning.

I soon started to see some odd things going on with my chat and my blog. some of these things centered around the famous PM’s that appeared out of nowhere. Other things were going on as well, that seemed rather odd. It soon became clear that these two woman and a third that came as a complete surprise had been secretly sabotoging my room for quite a while.

Now a number of strange things happened after this defection by these three women. The first things that happened is that all the negative things and blogs that Alexandra Goddard had said and written about them vanished. Not one scrap of her attacks of these three women exists anywhere on the internet, or so she thinks.

What also happened is that Alexandra Goddard went quiet about the fact that two of these women were posting on Paltalk that “the children lied.” They were, in effect, putting the children on trial in the same way that Alexandra Goddard is complaining that people on the internet are putting rape survivors on trial.

To this day Alexandra Goddard has said NOTHING about the persecution of the victims of TWO pedophiles anywhere on the internet. She has let the accusations against the children stand without opposition.

It is said that, in a private chat, an agreement was made between all parties, that the matter would be put to rest and not discussed again. In essence, a cover up.

Hmm, a cover up? Does that remind anyone of a recent rape case?

Stay Tuned