Radio has not only lied but she has finally admitted that Sandra Goddard stalked me and lied about me from the beginning. First things first has to do with the donation issue where Alexandra Goddard claims I was running a SCAM. This is FALSE. There are MANY out there who will remember the ongoing battle I had with my chat members who wanted to send me gifts to defray my expenses. This occurred while Texas Equusearch was in Orlando the FIRST time around. I fought hard against the gifts insisting that they go to Texas Equusearch first.

After quite a long time of arguing about this issue, I told them to look at my main website and there they would see my po address if they wanted to send me mail. Some did and one person treated me to a room and dinner. It was at that point that Alexandra Goddard for some twisted reason targeted me with the donation rumor and has continued to stalk me since.

At that time I had someone volunteer to admin my website by the name of Ukmod who claimed to be part of Ustream. This was verified by several people at Ustream who claimed to know of him and his work. Ukmod claimed to be the owner of a Webpage development company and volunteered to rewrite my website and spruce it up a little. I have him admin access and even purchased the most expensive website package that offered. I soon had a blog, forum, chat site and stream site ready to go. What I also wound up with, unknown to me, was a paypal account. This is apparently what Goddard saw.

Now either Alexandra Goddard is a liar or she does not have a clue how Paypal works. In order to have a Paypal account the applicant must supply the company with their checking account number or a credit account number. This is because Paypal has to have a way to send you the money.


Since UKMOD did NOT have my PERSONAL information, it was clear that he directed the funds into HIS account using his BANKING information. I did contact the authorities in England once I contacted Paypal about what happened. I immediately kicked UKMOD off my sites. He pulled some pranks in retaliation and at one time even threatened suicide if he was not allowed back in. I contacted the authorities in England again and sent them copies of his messages.

UKMOD eventually vanished from the internet and I have no idea what his activities are today.

What is interesting here is that Alexandra Goddard knew all about this since UKMOD was a member in good standing of where she started her nonsense.

Now, thanks to a certain Ohio resident, I learned that Alexandra Goddard ran an extensive campaign to have anyone who sent me donations to contact the State Attys office in Tallahassee Florida to complain that I was running an illegal charity. I decided to call Tallahassee to discuss the matter. They told me that for $100.00 I could register with the State as a Not For Profit which is not a charity but something entirely different. I would have to obtain a taxpayer number from the IRS as a not for profit as well. This would not have cost me a dime. I then could have set up a donation page on my websites to do this legally.

What Alexandra Goddard DID NOT tell in her blog that is now GONE is that SHE HERSELF ASKED FOR DONATIONS. When blogging about her family problems, the donations were sought in order for to afford to move out of her apartment in Illinois. Remarkable she left that one out.

In short, what Alexandra Goddard did was to misrepresent what I was doing and did not tell the complete story. At the time I was making a substantial amount of money as the owner of a thriving Auto Dealership. This is a fact that Michelle L Mckee somehow searched out the financial records of the company and posted them on a file sharing site.

Now rather conveniently, a month or so after Goddard’s attacks began the imfamous PM’s appeared out of nowhere. These things came out around the time that Anonymous (or so the claim went) started barging into my chat site and leaving all sorts of odd messages along with the youtube clip explaining that I was now the target of Anonymous. Around this time, my personal e-mail account on AOL was broken into as well as my website on It was soon flooded with some of the crudest pornography links that anyone had seen. It was Mike DeForest of WKMG Orlando, Fl who brought this to my attention on the day the segment about my broadcasting from Blanchard Park was taped.

At almost the same time, the so called fake suicide incident occurred. Now accounting for the fact that ALL of these incidents were happening AT THE SAME TIME, along with the actions of Michelle L McKee that I did not know about at the time, it is clear that someone was engaging in an elaborate, well coordinated cyber attack of all of my websites and me personally. Another set of occurrences that was going on around this time was some woman who decided to pretend to run a radio show. This turned out to be a well thought out prank. Both participants in this little stunt eventually confessed and named someone rather well know as coming up with the idea. Care to guess who?

Now what is strange is that Alexandra Goddard, Michelle L McKee have denied that all of these things happened when they themselves have all the evidence. There are mountains of evidence out there for anyone to research. There is also the documentation that exists with the various law enforcement agencies that found themselves in the middle of all of this. All one has to do is file FOIA requests with each of them to discover the truth.

It seems that Radio cannot or will not do that. Anyone want to take a guess why?

Stay Tuned