Michelle L McKee in her continued obsession about me again has posted the link to a highly defamatory and deceptive blog. Conveniently enough she has claimed not to be the author of the blog. Oh really? I seem to remember a couple of years back on a blog that no longer exists that she seemed to imply that someone she knew wrote it.

Perhaps it was the woman that Goddard wrote about where she exposed a very personal medical condition the woman had that nobody knew about. Is it the same woman who lied to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department in at least FOUR phone calls that were played out in a Paltalk room? And how is it that this particular blog that has been dormant for almost 2 years is suddenly active again? That seems real odd. It seems that McKee cannot move on to greener pastures. There is that new job offer she is supposed to have gotten and that true crime book she is writing as well as that questionable website she is rumored to be part of. Out of all of this she has to time to attack me time and again day after day?

The theme of her tweets are always the same. Hate, violence and threats of criminal prosecution. This has been McKee’s mantra since 2006. Even with all of those FBI agents she claims to have intimate contact with, nothing has become of it. She even has ties to a former deputy director of the FBI. With such high profile connections she should have something to show for her YEARS of “investigating” me. She has absolutely ZERO. All she has are the same files she posts over and over and over again that prove nothing criminal. Even if what is claimed about me is true, which it is not, there is NOTHING in those files of a criminal nature. Yet again, I have to remind people that forensics detectives looked at those files which were submitted to those looking into a MISSING CHILD case and they were determined to be frauds. Every single one of them were photoshop files. If the files were genuine, WHERE ARE THE ORIGINALS? They are nowhere because the files do not exist.

Michelle L McKee uses her past issues as an excuse for everything. She also uses the attempts of me to counter her accusations as an excuse for winding up in the hospital.

The answer Michelle L Mckee keeps avoiding is WHY DID SHE NOT JUST LEAVE ME ALONE? There are more important fish to fry out there. There are people who likely would deserve the kind of treatment I got from her. I am a total stranger to this woman yet she has been after me for years. When I defend myself against her relentless attacks, she falsely accuses me of being a STALKER.

Stay Tuned