The kid in the basement claims that he is using my own words against me. Actually what The Mayor as he calls himself is doing is lying  about what I am saying in my blog and elsewhere. The main example of this is the latest article in a blog that had been dormant for quite a long time. The article had to do with my statements that I had gotten pictures and other items by e mail and other means from people. Now he used one tweet against me:


The problem for The Mayor this time around is that he is pulling his little stunt with CURRENT EVENTS. Those who were part of what happened in the incidents described in that blog know what ACTUALLY happened and now know The Mayor is a LIAR.

Rather than cite one event which was a rather crude photo, the mayor combined SEVERAL DIFFERENT incidents into one. This is a fraud of the first order. The blog is full of these kinds of deceptions. It is an example of twisting the facts to fit an agenda. Political media types like Rush Limbaugh do this on a daily basis.

The second instance came with the image with all the faces blurred out of it obscuring the truth of the content of the photo. The Mayor implied that the lawyer may have hit me with a cease and desist order or threat. Sorry, she did not even come close to doing that. What she DID do is contact me and ask me where the photo came from. What the Mayor also ommitted is that the photo did not ORIGINATE on my blog. It was on the account of someone else who came on the scene to counter the propaganda of Radio and the others. To this day I do not know exactly who the person was.

Something else to note. The photo the lawyer called about WAS NOT THE ONE DEPICTED IN THE ARTICLE! The one she called about is one people call “the pig balls photo” Michelle McKee posted an image that was rather disgusting. Someone still unknown to me, recreated the image using images that included the lawyer in question. THAT was the image the lawyer called me about.

Now, if you want to disturb the atty and ask her yourself, be my guest. Be warned not to lie about what she says. I have frequent contact with this person and I can and will call her if you, in any way, try to change what she says. I also have the e-mails we exchanged regarding the incident.

The Mayor also blurred out those who were NOT the atty yet did not object to the original image that caused the second one to be made in the first place. This demonstrates the bias of the blog.