strongmanIn a bit of deception Michelle L McKee put up an image that I had placed on my twitter account. This is kind of interesting since she is BLOCKED from that account and should not be able to have access to those photos. I wonder how she accomplished that one? No matter. The thing is that she MISREPRESENTED the photograph.

So too, did the person who wrote in the blog that Michelle L McKee claims not to own. One thing to notice in the link to the blog is that it is in itself a deception. Just before that blog was created, I had announced that I was going to create a new stream site that would be known as MURTHAVEN FLORIDA which was the name of the property I owned in Sorrento, florida. The name is part of a family tradition for naming the places where they live. MURTHAVEN used to be the farm my parents owned in Elmira, New York.

Within an HOUR of making that announcement, the blog in question showed up on the internet, thwarting my plans as people who tried to get onto my paltalk page would wind up on that blog instead. This is a form of deception known as domain hijacking. It is done quite often on the internet and is frowned upon. It is, in a sense, a LIE. “Someone” did something similar on Facebook and the site was removed as a violation of Facebook TOS.  Getting the same thing done of Blogger is far more difficult.

Getting back to the subject at hand, a while back, a photo was being shared on Facebook. At first glance, it looked like a muscle bound weight lifting male. The instructions with the photo said to stare at it for a short while. Only then would the true content be obvious. It was an optical illusion that caught thousands off guard at Facebook. At last count, around 12,000 people had their accounts suspended over the photo until Facebook was made to understand what happened. I understand that they traced the photo back to the person who made it and that person is banned from Facebook for life.

The owner of the blog, apparently not Michelle L McKee, failed to “tell the rest of the story” when this article was written:

The first thing you will notice after reading the article is the twitter feed to the right. That is my twitter account. All my blog articles get fed to my twitter account and thus wind up on the above blog. This is important because I wrote about this incident on my blog:

I would gather that the author of that blog is also calling the owner(s) of a PIG since she has images containing NUDITY as well as a depiction of a female sex organ on a blog that is accessible by MINORS. There is no warning about the explicit material that exists on that blog.


I know for certain that both Michelle L McKee and the person who wrote the blog saw the article and understood FULL WELL the context of it being posted. Remember THE TWITTER FEED. If you go into that blog above, note the twitter feed. THIS article will probably be there as well as ANYTHING I put on my twitter account. This is how obsessed these people are.

Now, note in the article that NOT ONE MENTION was made of the CONTEXT the photo was made nor the blog I wrote about it. This is known in journalism as “a lie of omission.” It is a lie both that blog owner and Michelle L McKee uses often.

Since I have been threatened with legal action recently, I have contacted Blogger to find out what steps are necessary to find out who the registered owner of that blog is. This should prove rather interesting.  It turns out that it might not be as difficult as one might think based on some of the “death wishes” and other threatening posts that have been made about me lately.

Stay tuned