A person who has the same problems with Radio as I do and I got into a bit of a disagreement on Twitter. I went into Direct Message to inform this person that it is not a good idea to air our differences in public because it will show up in Radio’s blog.


It took about 5 minutes. 

When I’m I’m right. EVERYONE knows that Radio is fixated on me and this blog. She stalks every website I am on, even Facebook and the date site that she got her panties in a wad about (if she is female, that is.)

This is the SAME Radio, by the way, that put up a photoshopped image of me where she poked fun of my problems with Sandra Goddard. If we had an image of this unknown person, it might read MURT, MURT, MURT or any one of the other people that IT is obsessed with.

This other opponent says her method is “sophisticated.” Judging by her conduct tonight, I have my doubts. 

I do wish her well as we have the same goal in mind, exposing Radio for the bully IT is.

Stay tuned