This comment came to my attention recently.


the content was interesting it is what I spotted within the comment that reminded me of a debate that happened over the past few days. This had to do with altering comments or creating them out of thin air. The person who made this comment has a protected account which is signified by an image of a padlock by the username. If one examines the comment, take note that the padlock has been partly obscured. It seems that someone took the screenshot and then posted it to give the impression that the account was OPEN when the comment was made. Somehow the image wound up on this image sharing website.

I contacted the account holder who stated in no uncertain terms that the comment was made in her PROTECTED account. She stands by what she said in the comment but is still annoyed that someone would sneak their way into her protected account and then publish content she did not give permission for others outside of the account to see.

Stay tuned