tfhIn the twisted and demented mind of one Michelle L McKee resides her obsession that I somehow had something to do with the death of Trenton Duckett. She has been going on a rampage lately on twitter and a small spoof blog. She has been obsessed with this implicating me in the Trenton matter since 2006. Back then, she contacted the Leesburg, Florida City Police Department about me and a woman by the name of Michelle Deveraux, the latter who was an administrator of a now defunct website Usleuths. com.

She has called various law enforcement agencies from time to time and told them I should be “investigated” for my involvement in the Duckett case and even did the same thing for BOTH the cases Of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. These are the instances I know of. Who knows how many cases this wingnut has tried to get me implicated in.

Of  course, I am not the only victim of this nut job. It seems now that Michelle McKee wants to imply that the closest friend of Carla Messario, Trenton’s paternal GRANDMOTHER somehow had an involvement in the disappearance of Trenton Duckett and has threatened to go after her as well.

Since Michelle L McKee likes to throw theories around, I have one of my own. It is my firm belief that Michelle L McKee had a key role in creating the FAKE PM’s and their distribution to Alexandra Goddard and law enforcement agencies,  making this a major and long standing internet fraud and submission of false information to law enforcement and the State of Florida prosecutors.

Stay tuned