I am full of mixed emotions tonight, not certain how to react what I have been reading. First there was the responses the Sheryl got to her comment made on my blog. It was a comment she was determined to make after I told her it was not such a good idea. It is sad that I was right. Radio did the decent thing when she wrote the comment in her blog and both Sheryl and I thank her for that. It is what followed that has me disappointed.



Radionewz.net is one of the largest blogs of it’s kind that is following the Steubenville case as well as the actions of Alexandra Goddard and her supporters. Because of that there are going to be THOUSANDS who read both what Radio said and what this commenter said on her blog :

Sheryl, by the way, has read all the remarks and in tears has told me that she is sorry she ever came forward with the comment she made on my blog. She will never get on any blog and tell her story again. As for the remark she made that got her into this trouble. She wishes she never made that remark either. She was voicing an honest opinion based on what she has seen in the past. She certainly did not mean that ALL women were like that.

I guess this proves that perhaps the Jane Does need to suffer in silence hence the Kind of people who commented on Radio’s blog out there will only rekindle their suffering and make it worse.