THEBEASThalfbreedWell, this is post number 34 where this racist nut has tried to make a comment on my blog and 34 times this racist has failed to do so. I do not know why you keep changing your name and getting new mailboxes because I always know it is you. You really need to get some education as to how these things work.

Answer this. Why don’t you use your REAL name? I do. You insist that you are right on everything, why not put your name where your mouth is? You make claims that you cannot back up.

Are you afraid of being sued? According to YOU I have no money and According to YOU all the things that have been said about me are true. If not, I could not sue you, couldn’t I?

Speaking of suing me. Didn’t you make that threat a while back? Never heard anything about that one.

Are you afraid I would come to Phoenix, Arizona and do untold harm to you? You could always file one of those things like that woman you claim not to be did. You could always file a complaint with law enforcement like the other lady did and “ask another question.”

You could ask your local cops to do extra patrols of your house in case I show up.

But, according to you, I use the motorhome for storage. You know the one you mentioned in this picture? Search this photo and see if it shows up in stock footage on the internet. Yes it is a wanderloge and the other one is a Pace Arrow. And no it was not used for storage.

You say a lot of things Person of many names, you say a lot of things without the proof to back them up. Links to internet sites prove nothing, files uploaded by a biased blogger mean nothing, videos created by biased bloggers mean nothing. If so the State of Florida would have cited me for running an illegal charity that Alexandra Goddard tried to get them to  do. She had her members call the State of Florida and complain that I did. Well guess what? The state told them that I was not. She never published that one. I wonder why?

You say I got a fortune from the Billboard campaign. Where is the list of donors? Where is the amount each sent for it? Who sent all of this money? How about it? Where is your proof?

RATMichelle McKee and the other have Anonymous involved now. Some of them are real good at tracking down this kind of information. They could go back and check my banking records around the time all of these donations were made. Or are you going to claim that all of those people sent CASH through the mail? Are you claiming that all of them are that STUPID?

Of course there is always the IRS. Alexandra Goddard claims to have done that with her family. The problem for you is that someone tried that stunt already. The IRS did an audit, a thorough one. It cost me around $500 in extra fees from my accountant to get all the records the IRS needed for the three years that they checked. Well, it paid off. It turned out I OVERPAID on my taxes and got a REFUND of nearly $7000.00. My accountant was not at fault, It was because I did my own taxes. Never made that mistake again until I went broke and now have no income to pay taxes on.

(S)trolling or whoever you are. It is real easy to sit there in your nice expensive home in Sunny Arizona and make all of those accusations Anonymous and unknown. It is easy to make accusations knowing that you will never be held accountable for doing so. You can do anything you damn well please because you hide like a rat between the walls. You can cause damage and then go hide.

You are a rat, (S)trolling. And you are a coward.

Stay Tuned