No matter what side of the story of Tim Holmseth that one may take, there has to be the question of the approach that Executioner and Radio are taking on the blog. I for one do not agree with the theories that Mr Holmseth makes but at the same time I have to wonder if the way he is being criticized are helping him or not.

What, you say, does this have to do with Rush Limbaugh? The answer is quite simple. There is an expression “negative publicity is better than no publicity.” that is used in the word of the media. This is an old advertizing trick that has been used for decades. The Rush Limbaugh reference is an example how subtle advertizing can generate a great return.

A number of billboards began to appear in Orlando, Florida a month or so after The Rush Limbaugh Show was picked up by WDBO with the quote “WDBO apologizes for what Rush Limbaugh said about gays.” A variant would say “WDBO apologizes to the Gay Community.” The station would soon put up apologist billboards apologizing for what Rush said about all sorts of issues, Abortion, liberals and so forth. People were  puzzled by the stations position in a market that had a high number of Conservatives that listened to the station. It was fairly well known that it was catering to a conservative audience and this people could not understand this tactic.

The tactic to those of use who used advertizing in our business understood the tactic quite well. Almost immediately the stations’s ratings soared and remains high to this day. Why? Not because of a rise in conservative listeners because the station had reached the maximum in that market, but because they got a dramatic rise in centrist and liberal listeners who wanted to know what the hell was going on. Neither of these groups realized that they had been suckered by a lie. The problem is that once they listened, they were hooked by their own anger. either intentionally or unintentionally is doing the exact thing but is not getting the expected result. Executioner claims that the attention placed to Tim Holmseth is directing anyone to is not exactly correct. What it is doing is that anyone who bothers to do a Google search is getting directed FIRST to his website and then to one or two links to criticism of him that are NOT that of

What Executioner has unintentionally done is to draw MORE people to Tim’s website where more people will read his side of the issue and more may join in on his point of view.


Stay Tuned