I would suggest, you readers of this blog to harken back to the days when Alexandra Goddard and Michelle L McKee promoted a set of Instant messages they dubbed “The PM’s” were they claimed I said things in there about a still missing child and children. Go to the files that Goddard has so carefully archived for all of you to read. Go there my readers and see if you see a familar ring to those pm’s.


I published the remarks you see here in the comments section where they were made. These comments were made after a brave victim of rape came forth with her story. Now we see the truth behind the so called support for rape victims that Goddard and McKee brag about so much. How can these remarks support a rape victim? Ask  Alexandra Goddard, Ask Michelle L McKee, ask the sender of these comments, the person who created the pm’s.


Those of you who are the computer experts may want to look into the workings of Paltalk Pm’s and then find the original Pm’s if you are able. You will find in those PM’s a piece of information available only to each participant of the pm’s. That information is the IP address of each party. How one obtains this information is a bit confidential for right now but rest assured that information is out there.

CREATOR3The sender of the crude comments made a careless mistake. A mistake I had hoped for but did not expect from such an “expert.” The creator used the EXACT same anonymous proxy ip address for the two comments. I now have clear and unmistakeable proof who created them.

Now I can deal with you. Expect me.

Stay Tuned