lcsoThere was once a lady named Lisa who was a moderator on my chat. One time Alexandra Goddard wrote a blog article about Lisa where she brought up a medical condition Lisa had as well as some other things that Lisa would not like to have made public such as the fact she had the bright idea to have her sister, who lives four houses from the Anthony’s take a video camera to RECORD the service even though this was expressly prohibited by the Anthony family. Lisa also seemed to forget that the media was at the service and was going to broadcast it live.

Well, some rather odd things were starting to go on in my chat room like instant messages being written with my name on them that I did not write. I was then sent messages by someone who was in Goddard’s PRIVATE forum that informed me that Lisa had decided to go over to Goddard’s side and in the process give her or someone on that forum my log in information that included the password to my Paltalk account and room. With this information. it was a simple matter for SOMEONE to log into my Paltalk chat when they knew I was not on the air and create the chats everyone seems to have been talking about all of these years.

One day I took all of my moderators and my administrator into a private chat meeting and informed them that somehow someone had been using my instant message account when I was not around. I asked each and everyone if them if they had any idea how this might have been possible. After the meeting Lisa suddenly quit being administrator after I expressed concerns that it had to be someone at moderator level who would be able to give out the information that created the messages.

What was unknown by my admin and those who were my moderators is that Paltalk records the ip addresses of anyone who attempts to log into my account using my name. When the ip that Lisa used did not match the one to my computer, Paltalk contacted me and notified me of the log in along with the ip address involved. Care to guess whose ip address it was?

Now all the internet detectives out there who ever wanted to know how certain posts and messages were done, it would have been a simple matter to pick up the phone and call Paltalk for that information. A bit late now since this is 5 years later and most of the staff has rotated.  As a member of Paltalk, however Goddard and a few others would have known how that service worked.

For some strange reason, when I password protected my Paltalk room. Goddard felt left out and did whatever she could to be able to listen in on what was going on in there. They used to brag about having a Cloaker or some nonsense to be able to come into the chat room without being detected. Rather strange thing for these women to be doing.

Now what does this have to do with Lisa? Well, it seems someone decided to create a Ripoffreport website and put a bunch of stuff on there that was not true. I therefore called the Lake County Sheriff Department and made what is called an information report. I was advised to do that so there would be some kind of record at the department in the event a crime occurred that would elevate it to be included in a criminal complaint.

Well, somehow Lisa decided that I had accused her of making the Ripoffreport and called LCSO to state she did not make the report and then add a few things to her side of the story. Now the calls were the funniest things I ever heard once I filed a FOIA request and got the recordings. You could actually hear the officer snicker every time she asked “one more question.”

What is more interesting is that Lisa made recordings of the calls and then played them to a fairly large number of people in a Paltalk chatroom. I think it was called The Busy Bees, which is appropriate since the members were busy sticking their nose where it did not belong. The recordings somehow found their way onto Youtube as well as a number of other places.

Lisa took issue with that and somehow got what was a PUBLIC RECORD taken off youtube. So much for free speech. I then used to make tweets asking one simple question, LISA WHY DID YOU LIE TO THE COPS. Rather then answer the question, Lisa somehow came up with the hair brained no contact order which in Arizona is far easier to dothen it is in Florida which is far stricter on those things.Florida requires that there needs to be an imminent threat of violence, apparently Arizona does not.

Since I live THOUSANDS of miles away from her and according to Goddard and everyone else, I do not leave the city limits of Sorrento, the order was nothing more than a prank. One of her key pieces of evidence was the threat of sending someone called “the traveler” after her. The only problem with her little story is the man known as “the traveler” had been dead YEARS before the order was requested. Lisa knew it and Goddard knew it because “The Traveler” was the ex husband of Windchime and I am sure Goddard can tell you who she was.

Now, Scoobydoo also left something out of her little comment. I live in FLORIDA, Lisa lives in ARIZONA. The only way to contest one of these orders is IN PERSON. It cannot be done in the Florida court and it cannot be done by phone or mail. It has to be done IN PERSON. I spoke to the county clerk and stated what the circumstances were. She stated that if the statements within the order were false, I could file a perjury charge against Lisa. Arizona has some interesting laws out there.

The problem, and Lisa knew it, is that I was flat broke and could not afford to go all the way to Arizona to fight her lies. I chose instead to move on and let the matter rest.

The thing had a time limit of 1 year and that expired a long time ago.

Now someone might want to ask Scoobydoo why all these details were left out of her little remark on Radio’s blog. How about it?

Stay tuned