PA1Radio seeks perfection others that she refuses to seek of herself. The back and forth Radio and I have had in regards to my motorhome is a case in point. Because I used stock photos from the internet that any fool could have found with an image search, Radio seems to have caught me in a big lie. Or did she? Time will tell. Now let us examine another truth. For quite some time Radio has been making a big issue about a few names, among them Judy Kane and Altha Sood. These names came about because a few people are trying to figure out just who radio is. For some reason Radio is going through extremes to hide her identity, yet she also goes through great lengths to keep herself in Atlanta.

In the past, Radio has used photos of areas in Atlanta. Two or perhaps three. Guess what? She has used stock photos that can be traced back to stock images on the internet. Now why hasn’t Radio gone out and taken photos of areas of Atlanta that cannot be traced back to stock photos on the internet? She once boasted that she went to a major convention in Atlanta. Guess what, Not one photo of the event showed up on the internet. In fact, in all the years on the internet, NOT ONE photograph attributable to Radio has ever been seen on any blog on the internet. Not one. If there is one, I would be curious to see it.

Now for another question of truth. Recently I was talking to someone about an e-mail she received. That e-mail was from someone named Judy. I could have easily made something out of this but I did not. It is because of the confidential nature of that letter and what was in it. Sometime in the future, the truth of that letter may come out, we will see.

As for a recent comment by Radio concerning Altha Sood, she (?) complains about the use of Altha Sood when a certain person attempts to associate a Altha Sood with Radio.

There is something, however, that Radio is doing that the others are NOT. She is writing blog after blog using the Altha Sood name as if it were the person writing the article. Radio brings up Google in her comment about the person who claims that person is Radio yet Radio does not seem to understand that ANY article, including this one, will wind up on Google and anyone doing a search for Altha Sood will see it.

Radio claims her blog is about parody and satire yet if someone else does the same thing she labels it as a lie. My motorhome article may or may not be a parody, a satire, a joke, a hoax, or yes, a lie. My motorhome article may also be the absolute truth. I suppose it will be up to each and every person who reads this article to make up their own minds.

In the meantime, however, there are people wondering the exact same thing about Radio and some others.

Stay tuned