One little leftover I was able to salvage from my dealership was my old Pace Arrow. It makes for the perfect vehicle to use for #ophide. If, In the event I need to do so, I can hop into the beast and go as far as a tank of fuel will take me. It has quite a range and gets a decent amount of fuel mileage for the kind of vehicle that it is. Not owning a home or apartment takes away the normal expenses of rent and utilities. My social security check is direct deposit in a national bank so if I budget correctly, I can live from month to month quite comfortably.

My cell plan has a fair amount of data available and I also have mapped out quite a few wi fi locations where I can go on line at no cost. My long career as a truck driver has given me the resources of knowing where I can park safely without having to go to a campground. Showers at truck stops are cheap.  Most Wal Marts are rv friendly. Also, the motorhome does have hot water so I can shower in it as well.

The motorhome also has a built in Generator, power inverter and portable solar panels so I will not be paying a power company for electricity. Since I nuke most of my meals, anyway, I will not be cooking all that much. I have free to air satellite as well as huluplus through the lap top as well as a large collection of dvd’s to occupy me during the down time.

So, with that and some other preparations I have made, I am prepared for an extended road trip if the need makes it necessary. I hear there is an interesting trial coming up in March about a week after my next Social security check so I guess I will check the oil and fill up the tank.

Stay tuned