PA1Well,  gee, Radio thinks she made a big discovery and found that THE motorhome in the other article is not mine. Well, yes, that is correct. In order to get the article up, I took a stock photo off of the internet because I knew darn well that she would go looking for it. Now, if Radio does not want to believe that I own a motorhome, she is happy to keep on doing so.

By doing so, she is calling Alexandra Goddard a liar since she commented on her blog about the same motorhome. This also brings up another point. Why does Radio even care what I do or do not own? It is none of her business. Radio makes it her business, of course. At some time in the future will be proof that I do, in fact own the Pace Arrow. Not the one in the photo, of course.

What is interesting about all of this is that it took less than 15 minutes for Radio to get her mouse zipping along and doing her little detective work.

My question here is why not do a little detective work about some of “her” allies who she takes the word of without question. Perhaps she has and  that the truth she has found is rather inconvenient. Some times someone sees the truth but does not want to disclose the truth.

How about it, Radio. Is there an uncomfortable truth that you know that for some reason you do not want to tell? Think hard Radio, for the truth has a way of coming out. IF you are still hiding that truth when it does come out, it may not bode well for you.

Stay Tuned