Michelle L McKee posted the link to comments I made to a woman on facebook. PRIVATE conversations that she did NOT have permission to use from either of us. That kind of makes me wonder, and she as  well, How Michelle McKee got her hands on something she had no business reading. Now, what generated those comments?


As it turns out, Michelle L McKee did a mass mailing to over 2000 of my Facebook friends accusing me of being a pedophile and so forth. When the woman refused to comply with her demands, her employers were called and she eventually lost her job. Now how is THAT not bullying?

  • Conversation started August 4, 2010
  • Name ommitted

    email sent to me about YOU!

    Incold Brand August 4 at 9:17am Report
    The man on your FB friends, William K. Murtaugh, has been harassing myself and other women since 2008 – some since before that. He is in discovery for the Casey Anthony murder trial in which he is documented as saying he wants to have sex with children, that he hunts them. He also said he killed a missing Florida child named Trenton Duckett. He is lying about me. I am a vicitm of child pornography & it is common knowledge in the true crime community. It is also common knowledge that I have PTSD. Murt is one of the cruelest people I have ever come across. HE is a vile pig and has a long history of abusing women. Google him! Google “Murt” and “Trenton Duckett” or “Murt” and “Caylee Anthony.” He’s sick and he calls everyone else what HE is! See the following link if you don’t believe me! This man is a predator! Check out the pics on his friends list and note the number of children being used as avis. HE is the pedo he accuses everyone else of being. Come on, do you really think this booger eating POS stubmled onto a child porn ring run by women? Please! Look at the link and then PLEASE report the garbage on his wall for abuse. PLEASE?

    Now what Michelle L McKee FORGOT to tell this woman is that Alexandra Goddard knew who MonoxideMMAC aka Joshua Melton was and everyone knew due to several blogs being written about this incident, was that Joshua Meltion was accused of putting links to child porn on a Ustream webcast and chat that Lenny the bounty hunter conducted about Caylee Anthony. Not one of them said a thing to or about Joshua Melton about that incident although they had screenshots of the link from that chat.

    This is only a SMALL sample of what McKee has done to me and others so if she wants to sue me, she is free to do so. She needs to remember, however, that this letter and hundreds like it will be introduced into the court as well as documentation of her actions and that of the others as well.

    Both of us will be contacting Facebook to determine how she was able to obtain what was supposed to have been a PRIVATE conversation.