HB3There seems to be some strange goings on in the twitterverse today as Holly Briley has yet again claiming to be impersonated. Now why anyone in their right mind would want to impersonate this insignificant woman is beyond me but someone certainly did. I would not expect this so called impersonator site to last long since it is a clear impersonation, that is, if it is true.


Whoever pulled off this stunt put a lot of time and effort into it. Other then I somehow would up as a follower to the thing, it matches her main site quite closely. This means that it is someone who either knows Holly extremely well or someone who did a lot of research. From personal experience I know that when someone takes this amount of time to create an impersonation of this caliber, that this is just the beginning of Holly’s problems. Stunts like this is how counterfeit content is created.

Just a footnote here. Holly’s website is down as well. It sounds like a double whammy for the poor little thing.

Stay tuned