One of the things I could not figure out is why this nosy noodle changed her user  name yet again. That would be an interesting story to hear. It might be due to the fact that if she was to post the name everyone came to know about her under might raise some questions that she might not feel comfortable to answer. But I leave that for another day.

Now before you go screaming off to Anonymous whining that you are being picked on again, let the screenshot remind you why I chose to write this little blog. You chose, in a public way, to barge into where you do not belong and lie about me yet again.






I said rather clearly, that the person that nobody had any business involving in Radio’s bullying WAS NOT ON TWITTER. I did not say she DID NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. Since your mentor feels it her duty to barge into every aspect of my personal business, I figured she had already found the twitter account and was trying desperately to get around the lock to see what was tweeted that she could use.

My follow up article made quite clear that I meant she was not using her twitter account.

I would strongly suggest that before you start playing your little games with me that people know exactly who you are. They know your history going back YEARS. I have no control over these people so do not bother with one of your threatening e-mails.

I would suggest instead that before you start calling someone a liar, you look in the mirror and think back over the past 4 or 5 years.

If you can’t remember there are a whole bunch of people out there who do.

Stay tuned