In order to make some kind of point Radio decided to stalk my friend’s twitter account. She thinks she got me because the account has not been taken off twitter that the woman IS still on Twitter. There is a slight problem. It seems someone decided it was their business to stalk the woman a while back and posted her photo on her blog. I think that blog was Radios. Sheryl decided that Twitter was not worth the headache and quit using it. She has not been on Twitter since November 7 of 2012.


This is Feb 20, 2013. This is over TWO MONTHS. I did not say she did not have a twitter account. I said SHE IS NOT ON TWITTER. Screen shot proves my point. What Radio DID NOT DO was address the fact that she is stalking someone she has NO BUSINESS STALKING. Why is Radio IGNORING THE FACT SHE IS STALKING A 63 YEAR OLD WIDOW?

If Radio has a problem with ME then stick with ME. Don’t go picking on elderly widows because you are a coward.