I was rather curious to see that someone named Scoobydoo commented on Radionewz.net that he was looking at the account of a 63 year old widow he did not know. This person made a big issue of the fact the woman had only one follower and that was her sister. Two points, first it is her Personal account and second, it is not Scoobydoo’s business what the woman does on Twitter or Facebook for that matter.


The FACT of the matter is that the reason the account is in protect mode is because of the STALKING of Radio and her thugs. Radio seems to forget that it was HER predator that put an image of this woman on her blog. I think it had something to do with a dating site or perhaps Facebook? Radio also does NOT mention what she did to the photo of the woman in question.

In order to protect her PRIVACY Sheryl locked the account. AGAIN it would be real nice if RADIO AND HER THUGS WOULD MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

Sheryl is not nor never was part of the conflict between RADIO AND ME. Quit showing yourself as the coward you are Radio and Scoobydoo and keep innocent people OUT of this.

Stay tuned