tamperingprotectedIf anything, this shows that someone went out of their way to falsify evidence of something someone said and if this was said in private or public. All it took was something as mundane as a small cartoon lock. In twitter, the lock that appears in a tweet means that the person posting it is doing so in a private LOCKED account.

The image of the lock was TAMPERED with in order to have it appear that the comment was made in PUBLIC. It does not matter so much why this is important but the fact that someone went through the effort to CHANGE the circumstances of the post. Someone wanted to create a FALSE impression and went through a great deal of trouble to do so. What is interesting is that someone also went through the trouble of writing about it.

It would seem that it was the blogger, who is an expert in using utilities such as Photoshop who decided  to tamper with the material in order to LIE about the person who wrote it in the first place.

Kind of makes you wonder what OTHER tampering of internet content has taken place.

Stay tuned