RR3Radio published my IP address. Now radio says she will not publish the ip address of the other person. This after she made a threat not only to publish his IP but to publish a private conversation between her and him as well? Words mean things and actions speak louder than words. Now everyone knows why Radio uses an off shore account.

Once, when I ACCiDENTLY posted an ip due to not editing a cut and paste of a comment. Alexandra Goddard went on a rampage and immediately reported me to WordPress.com and to the public as well. She said something to the effect that only the lowest of the lowest would do such a thing.

That means that Alexandra Goddard considers Radio the lowest of the lowest.

Pay close attention to the words “I have more than you can pay for.” Now I am curious what triggered this comment to @living_ws? And what is this information that she threatens to put out. Now on her latest blog where she outed my IP information, she claims she likes the guy. Oh really. If she says this sort of thing about someone she likes, what will she threaten to do to someone she does NOT like?

There is also this little fact. Now that my IP address is out there for all to read, that means that this is yet another took hackers can use to FAKE CONTENT about me as has been done in the past.

Another reminder. IP addresses are visible by the administrators of a blog even if all you do is to read it. Since Alexandra Goddard had my IP information for years, she had the ability to hand this information over to Hackers who knew how to use it. This might explain where all those fake postings attributed to me came from.

Stay tuned