cryradioPity poor WAHdio who says I have been “picking on her” for almost a year. Odd that if you go to MY blog, there is not one single image of Radio sitting on a toilet, lying on a sidewalk with pigeons eating her or other similar “images” that seem to populate her blog and those of her supporters. Her entire blog which has been around for MORE than a year is mostly smears of people she does not like and others who “get in her way.” Some of the people on her attack list are citizens of Steubenville, Ohio who, as recently as a month ago never heard of her or could comprehend someone like her even existed.


Added to all of this WAHdio is so upset with me that she wants to “pay me back” going all out on twitter with one blistering threat after another. It seems to me that she is the weakling in this battle. She hides in the cave of obscurity keeping who and what she is a secret from the world. I on the other hand am out in the sunshine of truth. I am accountable for what I do and what I say. Radio is accountable for nothing.

Stay Tuned