This blog article is not the way I intended to write it. I was recently contacted by an important party to the Haleigh Cummings case. Today I had an extensive and lengthy with the party covering a variety of issues directly having to do with the case and some people involved. The party and I discussed how certain concerns would be dealt with. Out of our discussion came the suggestion of me doing a blog along with some other internet based activities to address what was brought up.

Unfortunately, upon my return to Orlando, the party had decided that they did not want to go through with the arrangement due to their desire not to be involved publicly with any discussions regarding the case. Due to the nature of the information, I informed the party that there was no way I could see to present this information to the public without their identity being known.

The net result is that the plans we had worked out are on hold until a solution to this problem can be worked out.

Stay Tuned