The publishing of an expose blog has caused quite a stir over the past few days. It seems that the target of the blog is said to be an innocent victim. Yesterday I was sent an e-mail by the Anonymous member who the blog purports is the person named within the blog. The blog contained “clues” as proof that the person named in the blog is, in fact, SteveTheDope, who is one of the more active Anonymous members concerning the Big Red Rape case.

The letter I got yesterday is the first of a series Steve has written informing me that if the blog in question is not removed by this evening, then the person who he feels is the author of that blog will be DOXED. Her entire family, including HER CHILDREN will be doxed. He also said that he would put the dox overseas where it would be impossible to have this information removed.

In the ongoing series of e-mails with Steve, I expressed my anger with him and told him that I would attempt to contact anyone who might know who the author of the blog is. Despite the claims of certain bloggers, I am not actively working with ANYONE within the Steubenville community regarding the actions of others. My only contact with these people was to discuss the problems I was having because of their actions against me and to warn them that the same kinds of actions against them will occur. It turns out that I was more correct than I could have imagined.

What is interesting about the blog in question is that when Steve made contact with me, it was about a photograph of a woman at one of the Steubenville protest rallies. He and his fellow anonymous members wanted the photograph removed from my twitter log. The threat of doxing me was made and was subsequently carried out despite assurances from Anonymous that this would not happen and that any doxing would be removed. This was also in spite of the fact that the photograph was removed.

What was Steve’s advice when the terms of the agreement failed? Ignore them and move on.

Should I then give the same advice to Steve? Tell him to forget about it and move on? If the blog is about the wrong person,  let that person deal with it? That advice would be easy to give since he gave me the same advice. Instead I gave him THIS advice.

Why not join an effort to get ALL of these expose blogs removed. Why not work to get defamatory videos and photographs removed? Why not work to get counterfeit files and impersonator blogs and social media accounts removed?  Why not work to get the personal attacks against each other stopped? Why not stop efforts to have people doxed simply because their opinions are disagreed with?

Why not work towards returning the internet back to what it was intended to be. A way for people to communicate with each other, to have impassioned debate and to do so in a manner of respect and friendship.

That advice will not be heeded, of course, for it would deny those who are against this advice their lulz.

Stay Tuned