burkaThe most prominent reasons that people give for not revealing certain information on their blogs or through other means is that they fear stalkers to visit them and their loved ones. This is where things get a bit fuzzy. First, these same people do not seem to mind posting the same kind of information about those very people they are hiding THEIR information from.

This secrecy, by the way, seems to apply only to two or three of these people. There are a few that have a great deal of their personal information out there. This information includes the full address of where they live as well as some public records. Has this deterred or stopped these people? Nope. Has there been any filings with law enforcement of people stalking their houses etc? Nope.

Next there is one individual who insists on Hiding where she LIVES. Her full name and username combination is known, not only by people on the internet, but by the mainstream media as well as she has had a number of interviews. Still, her exact address is known only to a few. The same facts as above hold true here. Nothing has happened to this person, zilch.

Then there is the star of this little show. A mysterious person who hails from somewhere in Atlanta Georgia. The latest “hint” has this person being downtown. A wifi terminal at a homeless shelter, perhaps? The gender, name and other biographical information including race is virtually unknown. I have yet to find ANYONE who knows anything about this person, and this includes one very high profile person who, in spite of being a close friend, has no idea who this person is or their gender.

What is apparent here is that these secret holders seem to decide what secret it is that they want to hold to themselves or those close supporters they have, few as they may be. Also, it seems that those who do NOT keep secrets do not seem to have all that much to be concerned with either.

It seems that it is not the personal information that the star is trying to hide, but the NAME of the person with the lack of morals and character.

This makes it clear that this person is so ashamed of their actions and deeds, that they shroud themselves in secrecy while at the same time letting some breadcrumbs out to try and humanize their lack of humanity.

Stay tuned