NEXTSECThere is one main reason why individuals and groups choose to follow the Anonymous format. It is to keep their identities private. There is even a golden rule within the movement that one Anon does not out another Anon. Anons do not DOX other Anons.  The rules could be defined as “what happens in the hive stays in the hive.”

Therein lies the problem. Anonymous was formed as a place with NO rules to fight the RULES of others. Anonymous is anarchism, a society with no set rules.


Any time someone makes rules, there will be someone that will break the rules. They will cheat.

This is the case with the recent creation of a blog naming someone as a well known Anonymous:

On the day of this writing, Steve tweeted me saying that the person within the article is not him and that the person is taking legal action. This is the problem with Anonymous. How do you know someone who has been outed is the right person or the wrong person?

The same problem exists in the world outside of Anonymous. One example is the case of Chatroomcreeper. This individual wrote a blog claiming he created fake private messages using my Paltalk account and passed them along to the family of a missing child. He cofessed that he faked them and demonstrated how he did it.

In retaliation, Holly Briley, in her blog, outed the person she felt was Chatroomcreeper. She put up a DOX of the person along with a photo of him and his family that included his daughters. The phone number of his employer was published.

Shortly thereafter, the author of the blog put up a statement that Holly Briley had identified the wrong person and that legal action against her was being considered by both him and his employer.

Herein lies the problem. How do you identify someone using an anonymous username? In some cases people use the style of writing or the times when posts are made or other “clues” to prove who a person might be. Unfortunately most of these people do not have the expert training to enable them to accurately identify their target. It is an exercise in futility.

There is one last point that Steve brought up:

He said “they are giving someone else credit for my work.” That, unfortunately is the price one pays for being Anonymous.

Stay Tuned